Why ride an electric bike?

‘This book…is a must for anyone who is at all serious about changing their transportation for the future’ – Dick Strawbridge


Once you know the advantages you’ll ask why not:

  • Effortless pedalling up hills
  • No-sweat commuting – literally
  • Greater acceleration and so greater safety
  • Ever-increasing battery range, some 70km+

Little known until recently, electric bikes are advancing rapidly, both in terms of popularity and technology. ELECTRIC BICYCLES covers all aspects of this rapidly growing form of transport and leisure riding:

Buyers’ Guide

electric-bike-performance-speed-rangeChoosing, Using & Maintaining
Buying an electric bike is often a major purchase and it’s important to get a bike that fits your needs, we give you the right questions to ask before making your final decision. Check out our range vs speed graph to see how the different brands perform.  We show you how to put your new machine to good use and riding techniques for the different types of drive system. Ensure you enjoy trouble free travels with our maintenance and fault finding sections that cover the most likely problems.

Urban ArrowKits & Specials
Want to keep your cherished non-electric bicycle but add some power? Then you need an electric bike kit, packages of bolt-on parts that convert a conventional bike to an electric. Use our kit buying checklist to choose the right kit for your bike, we look at the pros and cons of each package and detail the: weight, battery type, recharge time, replacement battery cost, guarantee, bike requirements, price, and manufacturer’s contact details. You’ll find your new powered machine is even more useful for load carrying.

gocyce-electric-bikeElectric Bikes from Around the World
In this section we take a global perspective of electric bike developments. How do the British electric bikes compete on the global market? What makes them unique? British electric bikes are covered in detail in addition to others from: The Netherlands, Germany, Japan, USA, China, and Taiwan.



how-an-electric-bike-battery-worksElectricity Made Easy
Cut through the marketing hype and learn about the science behind what has given the electric bike the edge over electric cars and delivery vehicles.  We explain battery technology in simple terms and how electricity, power, and range are measured and how it relates to real world use.

systems Electric Bike Systems
Electric bicycles are widely misunderstood.  It’s true that some can be ridden like a moped, using electric power alone, but most models  – in Europe and the UK at least – are hybrid vehicles utilising both human and electrical power in varying proportions. You’ll learn about the relative pros and cons of the different motors, drives, and control systems.

electric-bike-batteryThe Battery
Characteristics of all four types of battery  (Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-metal hydride, Lithium-ion) are covered including how to care for your battery to ensure you get maximum range and use.  Refer to our pros and cons table to decide which type of battery is best for you.  We take a look at alternatives to batteries with solar power and fuel cells.

Technical Glossary & Listings
A comprehensive glossary of terms will give you the edge when you purchase your first electric bike. Where are electric bikes made and does it matter? Find out where you can try out electric bikes, both in store and at events and shows.  We also list recommended consumer websites, experts, forums, and trade & professional bodies.



sinclair-zzike-electric-bike-1Electric Bike History, Classics & Flops
A comprehensive electric bike timeline – from the 19th century to present day – shows how the road to successful electric bike design is littered with numerous classics and flops.  Learn how the classics have influenced more modern designs and about the pros and cons of more cutting edge machines.



Are-electric-bikes-really-greenWhat, Why, Who?
Learn what exactly is an electric bike and why you would want to use one.  Global statistics will show you who the typical user is and the reasons they choose to travel by electric bike.  Finally, learn how the environmental impacts of electric bikes compare to conventional unpowered bicycles.

electric-bike-legal-mattersLegal Matters
Different countries have different rules regarding the legal status of electric bikes.  While most countries treat them as ‘normal bikes’ careful attention has to be given to motor power and speed, which are both restricted.  We layout the legal categories for you in the US, Canada, UK, and describe how the latest electric bike EU directives affect battery disposal.

The Future
Find out what recent trends tell us about the future direction of the industry, from alternative power sources and new motor and gear developments to increasing interest from multinational companies.


About the Authors

David Henshaw has edited and published A to B Magazine, specialising in folding and electric bikes, since 1997.  Richard Peace is founder of Excellent Books, specialising in cycle publishing, and has been writing about cycling for more than 15 years.

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